Walk Update Happy Holidays From Roswell

Alien christmas tree

The days come and go.  One step after another leads to slow and methodical progress.  We are now approaching 900 miles since we started our journey in Oceanside, California, with the border of Texas in our sights.  It is hard to imagine that we have come so far, yet there is so much farther to go.

It has become routine now.  There is still the issue of logistics, finding a good route in each area we are camping.  Some walking spots are alongside roads with cars and trucks whizzing by.  In many cases the shoulders are large enough to feel comfortable, yet we are always cautious not to get too close.  Some walking spots are through towns, and others off the beaten track.  They all provide interesting experiences along with various challenges.

As the holidays approach, we are thankful for the ability to get up each and every morning and experience all this great land has to offer.  That includes the people, the cultures, the landscape, oh and in some cases the local cuisine.  Although we mainly eat in the RV and bring our lunches with us, every now and then, you have to experience the local fare, like the Laguna Burger in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It said it was world-famous after all and it didn’t disappoint.

Walking as much as we do, it is hard to out eat the calories we are burning each day.  Fitbit tells me that I am burning on average, 4,000 calories per day.  That is double what is typically considered the standard intake of calories I should be consuming, and therefore I have lost a few pounds.  Weight loss for me was not wanted as I am virtually down to my high school weight.  However, with help from our resident Registered Dietitian and good friend, Ann Klauke, I have been able to level out and hope to add those few pounds back on over time.  Plus, peanut butter and honey sandwiches are delicious.

Most everything is holding up well.  I have to battle calluses on my feet no matter how often I switch out my shoes.  That’s not a new problem however, but it adds to the pain when walking.  I also still get some cramping, especially walking uphill for long stretches, and have to battle numb feet from the decreased circulation.  Some of that has improved as we put more miles behind us.

Kate has recently been experiencing some back pain as well, which is interesting, I mean who knew that Robo-Kate would get aches and pains.  At one point along our journey, I entertained the thought that the girl wasn’t human.  I had a hard time keeping up with her.  She has more energy than the Energizer bunny.  Still, we are able to manage these issues and keep moving forward each day regardless of how we feel.  A few well-timed breaks have helped.  Sometimes we have to tell ourselves that we aren’t spring chickens anymore, although I’m not sure even spring chickens could keep up with us.

Upon arriving at our new location in Roswell, we chatted with the owner of the RV park.  It turns out that her husband had a heart transplant in his mid-50’s.  This all culminated from an injury he experienced in his 20’s.  After the injury, the doctors told him he would have to take it easy and most likely wouldn’t be able to go back to work.  He decided to start walking.  Yep, walking, simple as that, everyday.  Six months later he was back to work.

Eventually, almost 30 years later, the heart transplant was necessary, however the walking helped get him back on his feet, no pun intended (OK, it was intended), and back to a somewhat normal life.  No matter what your age, or what your fitness goals are, whether it be weight loss, general good health, or toning up your muscles, never underestimate the value of simple walking.  After all, our bodies were designed to move.

With that said, I wish everyone peace, love, and joy for the holiday season and into 2018.  Start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions and make sure you add a walking routine to your list.  In the meantime, we will be spending Christmas with the aliens here in Roswell and will send along your best wishes.

2 thoughts on “Walk Update Happy Holidays From Roswell”

  1. Thank you for the update . I keep you in my mind and heart as you jormey onward. Merry Christmas and a blessed 2018 to you and Kate.


  2. Try adding a packet of KNOX gelatin in a glass of juice every morning…trust me ..it WILL help with the aches and pains of both of you and Kates journey…it helps your joints, tendons and muscles….you will notice a huge difference in about 3 days…take it every morning faithfully


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