Everything is Temporary

Remember the movie Top Gun?  Sure you do, everyone has seen it.  There is a scene where Cougar turns in his wings after losing his nerve following an air battle with a Russian Mig.  His reason, he was holding on too tight.  Holding on too tight to his wife and the new-born baby that he hasn’t seen yet.  He lost his edge.

I started thinking, I know, that is dangerous.  The question arose, as to whether we lose our edge in our daily lives over things far less important than our spouse and child.  Naturally, a second question then arose, as to whether or not we place too much value on these “things”.   Lastly, I had to ask myself why that happens.

In pondering these questions I realized that I have been guilty of sweating the small stuff in life, and in turn thinking that many trivial things are of vital importance.  Don’t put your feet on the coffee table, it might get scratched or dirty.  Make the bed a certain way so it looks nice.  Nice for who?  Who in the heck is going to see my bed except me?  My wife and dog?  Do they really care?  Why is it so important?  Things like that. Silly, isn’t it?

Continuing to think through this line of questioning, it dawned on me that everything is temporary.  In 4 billion years or so, the earth itself will be gone, dust, actually, not even dust.  Our lives, for that matter, are temporary.  Thinking about these two things put a different light on “things”.  What I mean is that just about everything else really isn’t that important.  We place values or importance levels on “things”.  Sure, there are important items in our lives.  We need to be prudent about paying our bills, eating right to maintain good health, etc., but, in regards to many other things, are we holding on too tight?  Is it stressing us out or stressing out relationships with others?

Thinking about the fate of ourselves, and the earth, I found a new perspective on most other “things”.   My maker, my family, my friends, my health, not necessarily in that order, are what I hold dear.  Everything else, they are just “things”, and I am learning to manage them accordingly.  I’m finding less stress in that, which is really good for the heart!














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