There is an excerpt in my book, Chuck, My Walk Through Life, about having perspective.  For me it was a bit of an epiphany, and it was as simple as gaining an appreciation for many of the simple things in life.  Things like the beauty of the green trees swaying in the wind with the sky providing a deep blue back drop.  The warmth of the sun on the back of your neck, on a rather chilly day.  Things like that.  Things that we often take for granted.  They were always right there in front of me, but I often wasn’t aware of their presence, or their importance.

I also recently wrote in a blog post about heaven on earth, and what we imagine heaven to be like.  Love, serenity, peace, etc., are all part of heaven, and they are all part of this earth.  We just need to let our senses do their jobs.   We simply need to be aware.   Aware that love is right in front of us, or that we can find peace in a quiet moment.  It is amazing, once you’re able to gain awareness of the great things that are going on around you.  I’m not talking about being a Zen master, or playing Jedi mind tricks.  I am simply referring to slowing down and smelling the roses now and then.

I can’t take credit for the following passage, as it was made available to me just yesterday. But when I saw it, I realized it perfectly described the message I was attempting to convey.  It goes like this:

A fish was looking for the ocean.  If it could just find the ocean, it thought, it would be fulfilled and realize all its potential.

One day another fish pointed him to a third fish, saying, “That fish over there is very wise.  He will be able to tell you where the ocean is.”

Excitedly, the fish swam over to the wise old fish and asked, “Can you tell me where the ocean is?”

The wise old fish responded, “The ocean is what you’re in.”

Disappointed, the little fish swam away.  “But this is just water,” it thought.  And to this day, the fish is still searching for the ocean.

What is it that you searching for or missing out on?  Is it happiness?  Love?  Peace?  Serenity?  What ever it is, look closer, you just might find that it was right there all along.


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